Re: Re: HIV EM and purification 2 July 2004
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Robert A. Da Prato,
Medical Officer
Military Entrance Processing Station, 7545 NE Ambassador Place, Portland OR 97229

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Re: Re: Re: HIV EM and purification

I thank Dr. Bennet for his answer. We both suffer from a lack of knowledge about electron microscopy techniques. I do believe, though, that there are procedures for concentrating viral samples (such as filtration and ultracentrfugation with gradient densities). The em folks must have some good techniques for this since I have seen over the years em photomicrographs of fields of what are claimed to be viruses of all kinds concentrated from peripheral blood. Of course, they might be present in astounding quantities compared with what is claimed for HIV. De Harven, in one of his articles (I apologize, I don't recall the reference), demonstrates em photomicrographs of viruses he has isolated, showing fields full of particles of identical geometic shapes. So he (any apparently many others) have shown it can be done for other viruses, including other retroviruses; he claims that HIV researchers ignore electron microscopy because, to date, it falsifies the hypothesis that virus is present. One of the Perth groups arguments against the HIV/AIDS hypothesis is that putative HIV must be isolated free from confounding proteins and genetic material for its specific proteins and genetic makeup to be charcterized. EM would seem to be one necessary step for this to happen. How else could one be certain of examining only one entity?

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