So, I see the picture, but what is it showing? 22 June 2004
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Trevor G Marshall,
Autoimmunity Research Foundation, 1000 Oaks, California

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Re: So, I see the picture, but what is it showing?

Chris, I looked at the two photographs you linked to, and compared them to the stunning transmission electron micrograph of hundreds of pleomorphic bacteria inside a human monocyte which was produced by Wirostko, et al, in 1989

What is it in the photographs you supplied which convince you they are showing a retrovirus, and not the tiny pleomorphic bacteria photographed by Wirostko? (Didn't Montagnier note that he isolated mycoplasma from a density gradient very close to that of his HIV?)

Competing interests: I have devised effective antibacterial therapies which are currently curing Sarcoidosis and CFS, and tend to be rather myopic when identifying intra-cellular parasites