Show me the photo please 20 June 2004
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Pennee R Atkinson,

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Re: Show me the photo please

Dear Brain,

Since you state that, “Viruses are very small and very simple organisms”, why can’t you just humor us non- – geneticists and show us a simple “GIF” (EM) photograph of HIV? I appreciate that you now have the state of the art techniques that makes the primitive techniques for isolation of virus obsolete but for those of us who need to look at something other than lines of one’s zero’s or E’s, C’s, G’s or F’s why cannot you just pacify us with an old fashioned PHOTOGRAPH. You state that you can do this here:

“The ability to separate the viral particle from the host cell, made them ideal for studying their genetics, in the early days of genetics before monoclonal antibodies, DNA sequencing, cloning and other tools became available.”

So, please Brian, for the rest of us still longing for the “early days”, forget about explaining why you don’t NEED to SHOW US THE PICTURE in your technologically superior world just SHOW US THE DAMN PICTURE ALREADY, OK?

(And please don’t show me one of those pictures that are filled with things that would be acceptable in my recycling bin. And not something that, such as the Lock Ness Monster photos, turn out to be a DUCK when you look real close)

Thank you very much,

Pennee Atkinson

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