Re: Re: One simple question for the Perth Group - 2 8 June 2004
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Christopher J Noble,

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Re: Re: Re: One simple question for the Perth Group - 2

Christopher Tyler wrote: Are the results of a researcher verified against what the scientist claims or what is shown by the research itself? Robert Gallo claimed HL23V was a retrovirus. Does this make it a real one? Montagnier's CLAIM to have isolated 'HIV' is irrelevant.

Montagnier produced evidence to support his claim. The fact that the Perth Group choose to ignore that evidence and the evidence in 20 years of subsequent research is beside the point. What the Perth Group cannot do is claim someone said something when in fact they said the opposite.

The Perth Group have been repeatedly informed that a preparation of 100% pure viral particles is not and has never been a criterion of viral existence. The Perth Group insist that their criteria are the rules for the isolation of retroviruses yet provide no references to support their claims.

Montagnier made himself perfectly clear in that interview. No, that is not isolation. We did isolation because we "passed on" the virus, we made a culture of the virus.

To claim that Montagnier admitted that he did not isolate HIV is an outright lie. No amount of wordgames will change this.

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