Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Eight simple questions and a repeated request to Brian Foley 28 May 2004
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Brian T Foley,
HIV Researcher
Los Alamos National Lab, Los Alamos, NM 87545

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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Eight simple questions and a repeated request to Brian Foley

Chris Tyler wrote:
Indeed. And in order to use 'molecular methods', in addition to density gradients, is it or is it not necessary to demonstrate, via electron microscopy, that you have particles with the morphology of a retrovirus in the density gradient?

It is not necessary.

Most people who study retroviruses do not have an electron microscope in their lab. Those who do, do not prepare a sample for EM from each and every virus preparation that they make.

Chris Tyler wrote:
I'll repeat my previous question.

Did or did not both Gallo's group in the 1984 Science papers, and Montagnier's group in the 1983 Science paper, have or publish visual proof for even ONE SINGLE retroviral particle in the density gradients from which they pulled genetic material and proteins, and then claimed their ownership was 'LAV/ HTLV-III'?

Anyone can go to the library, or look at those papers on-line, and see that they did not publish photographs of particles purified or enriched by density gradient centrifugation. Nobody has ever, to my knowledge, made the false claim that those papers contained photographs of EMs.

The Perth group has made suggestions that the Gallo and Montagnier groups both had visual proof that the preparations were studied by EM and found to contain no viral particles at all. I do not know if this is true or not, I would want to hear it from people who worked in the lab with the EM, and not just take the Perth group’s word for it.

But none of this really matters anyway, so it is rather pointless to keep repeating questions about it. If you had spent 1/3 as much time studying how virology is really done, as you have spent reading empty rhetoric about how HIV might not have been properly studied, you would know that HIV has been studied much more carefully than any other retrovirus in history. The Gallo and Monatgnier labs were the first to publish, but their work has been reconfirmed by thousands of other labs all over the world. HIV research neither began nor ended in 1984.

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