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Brian T Foley,
HIV Researcher
Los Alamos National Lab, Los Alamos, NM 87545

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The Perth group wrote:
Is it true that the poly(A)-RNA is not specific to retroviruses? Yes or No?

Yes. As far as I know, all living organisms on earth use polyadenylation of RNA in the creation of messenger RNA. See [91] for example. The poly-A tail on mRNA is not specific, all mRNAs have it. It is the sequence of the bases in the rest of the RNA, that is specific to each gene (and often to each allele of a gene) and each organism (sometimes even unique to individuals within a given species or similar grouping of related organisms).

The Perth group wrote:
We are also pleased that Brian Foley agrees with us regarding our definition of an infectious molecular clone.

I am pleased that the Perth group now considers this to be “their definition”, after pretending for so long that they did not understand anything about infectious molecular clones of viruses.

The Perth group wrote:
Would Brian Foley please give us a study and a few confirmatory studies where the existence of an “infectious molecular clone” of “HIV” has been proven.

Not all of the papers below [1-90] report on infectious molecular clones of HIV-1 or HIV-2. I have included a few papers reporting on infectious molecular clones of SIVs, SHIVs, BIV and FIV in order to illustrate that the techniques used in the study of HIVs are not unique to HIVs. I have also included papers which describe some molecular clones which are not infectious, or not fully replication-competent, such as the hybrids described in [1], in order to illustrate the fact that not just any DNA can produce fully competent virus.


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