Re: Re: Re: Re: Two questions to Brian Foley 6 May 2004
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Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos,
Department of Medical Physics, Royal Perth Hospital, Western Australia, 6001,
Valendar F Turner, John Papadimitriou, Barry Page, David Causer, Helman Alfonso, Sam Mhlongo, Todd Miller, Christian Fiala

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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Two questions to Brian Foley

Two more questions to Brian Foley

We are glad that in his rapid response “ Re: Re: Re: Two questions to Brian Foley”, 4th May 2004, Brian Foley finally agrees with us that the “HIV” RNA is a poly(A)-RNA. Is it true that the “HIV” poly(A)-RNA, that is, the “HIV” genome, originated from the 1.16gm/ml band? Yes or No?

Brian Foley wrote: “An infectious molecular clone of HIV, is a complete nondefective genome…Infectious molecular clones of HIVs must be proven to produce infectious virions”.

These are two distinctly different notions of an “infectious molecular clone”. Would Brian Foley please tell us which, if any, is correct?

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