Re: Re: Two questions to Brian Foley 4 May 2004
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Christopher Tyler,

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Re: Re: Re: Two questions to Brian Foley

Brian Foley wrote: (ii) Both groups did use sucrose density gradient centrifugation to separate viral particles in the cell culture supernatants from much but not all of the cellular debris and other components. These bands were thus “enriched” for viral particles, but not 100% “pure”.

Does Brian Foley have proof that either Robert Gallo or Montagnier's group had retroviral like particles banding at 1.16gm/ml in their sucrose density gradients? Did they publish electron micrographs of this banded material showing that AT LEAST they had particles fulfilling the morphological characteristics of a lentivirus?

In other words, how does Brian Foley know their sucrose density gradients had bands that were 'enriched for viral particles'?

Chris Tyler

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