The Day HIV Became a Fraud or "It's the Epidemiology, Stupid!" 24 April 2004
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Charles Ortleb,
Writer and Filmmaker
Rubicon Media

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Re: The Day HIV Became a Fraud or "It's the Epidemiology, Stupid!"

While the Perth Group is doing an admirable job of fending off knaves and fools on the fraudulent nature of HIV virology, let us not forget that it really was the epidemiology that dramatically showed that HIV is not the cause of AIDS.

Twelve years ago, at the Eighth International Conference on AIDS in Amsterdam, the news was dominated by the emergence of a number cases of which looked like HIV-negative "AIDS." That should have been the moment when HIV died a dignified death, but instead of admiting that those cases were a form of AIDS, the CDC and NIH began what is now clearly a criminal coverup. They initiated the circular game of renaming all HIV-negative cases of AIDS "idiopathic CD4 T-lymphocytopenia," or "ICL." It was a brilliant, diabolical move that has continued to hide the obvious evidence that HIV is not the cause of AIDS. Heads I win and tails you lose was henceforth the essense of "HIV science."

AIDS is not a scientific matter anymore. It is about power and control. The HIV crowd rules through deceit and nasty politics. Reason has been thrown out the window. The stakes are higher than most people realize because of where those HIV-negative AIDS cases came from. Most of those (mainly heterosexual) cases of HIV-negative AIDS also had a diagnosis of "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome." The last thing the AIDS establishment wants to admit is that heterosexuals with CFS actually have "AIDS"--especially since some estimates suggest that nearly 4% of the general population have CFS. How would you like to have to tell the public that:

1) HIV is not the cause of AIDS.

2) that AIDS includes people classfied as having "CFS" and is a much bigger epidemic than people realize.(In other words, they also got the basic definition of AIDS wrong.)

3) that the only significant immune-system destroying virus that AIDS and CFS seem to have in common is HHV-6 which in addition to not having the Perth Group type of existential questions about isolation that HIV does, is also widespread in the population. In other words, AIDS is not (and never has been) a disease of "risk groups." (AIDS is dead, long live HHV-6 Chronic Immune Dysfunction Syndrome or H6/CIDS.)

It would be very traumatic for the AIDS/HIV crowd to have admit that this is the actual state of affairs. I don't know if we can count on science or scientists to correct this depressing, sinister situation. It may take a great deal of creative thinking and political organization to throw the bums out. And maybe a miracle or two.

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