CFS: assumption of viral cause. 7 April 2004
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T C Gettins,
Software Developer
Birmingham UK

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Re: CFS: assumption of viral cause.

Charles Ortleb writes "... there is another way of looking at AIDS that doesn't result in their [the HIV dissidents] absurd position of saying that there is no real cohesive, contagious international epidemic of immune dysfunction that is shortening the lives of millions”.

Mr. Ortleb goes on to cite the "devastating role of HHV-6A in AIDS and CFS".

Mindful of the precedent set by the no-show HIV virus I would want to have proof of the existance and pathology of this HHV-6A virus before rushing to judgement on the cause (or even objective existance) of CFS.

Assumption of viral cause vitiated Nixon's "War Against Cancer". It prolonged the SMON fiasco and has cost the world dearly with HIV. Let's be very careful of jumping on the viral bandwagon before we have examined (e.g.) toxin exposure.

In the case of CFS it would be good to examine the results of glucose tolerance tests for patients suffering from CFS in so far as such patients can be identified.

This is because it seems likely enough that the cause of CFS and certain other "modern" diseases may prove to be no more mysterious than sugar-poisoning/poor sugar metabolism. This hypothesis could be largely - and cheaply - proven or disproven by GTT testing.

If proven it would be obvious why these diseases are freely characterised as "epidemic". Their prevalence would be due to the extremely high prevalence of refined sugars (sucrose, fructose, corn-syrup extracts etc.) in the American/Western diet.

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