What part of "infectious molecular clone" do you fail to understand? 26 March 2004
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Christopher J Noble,
postdoctoral fellow
Bern Switzerland

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Re: What part of "infectious molecular clone" do you fail to understand?

Chris Tyler wrote: "Forgive my ignorance here, but could one pass any stretch of DNA through a bacterial vector and call it 'infectious'?"


Neither Chris Tyler nor the Perth Group have demonstrated that they have the capability or intention to understand the evidence that is presented to them.

Debate with people that refuse to look at evidence is fruitless.

There is no point in the Perth Group demanding "proof" if they are not capable of understanding the evidence or have no desire to do so.

What the Perth Group can do is provide some evidence for various claims that THEY have made.

They can start with "the genomes of the most variable RNA viruses do not differ by more than 1%"

The genomes of the three Sabin polio isolates have been sequenced. They differ from each other by much more than 1%. (1)

They cannot keep on avoiding these questions forever.

(1) Toyoda H, Kohara M, Kataoka Y, Suganuma T, Omata T, Imura N, Nomoto A. Complete nucleotide sequences of all three poliovirus serotype genomes. Implication for genetic relationship, gene function and antigenic determinants. J Mol Biol. 1984 Apr 25;174(4):561-85.

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