Is Brian T Foley more than virtual? 24 March 2004
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Anita L Allen,
communication consultant
David Allen & Associates, PO Box 65311, Benmore 2010, South Africa

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Re: Is Brian T Foley more than virtual?

Internet searches on Brian T Foley throw up a technician adept at running BLAST programmes at a HIV database. None of the references I have found or given by Foley show that his claim to be an “HIV researcher” has come any closer than being a virtual et al.

But he is not a particularly good spook. His answer to my simple question is another classic in the counter information genre – create a diversion and fudge answering the question.

There are no FDA approved tests to diagnose HIV infection. That is the fact. The entire HIV shamdemic is based on using technologies in non- approved applications to put poisons into people that not even the manufacturers claim can halt the replication of HIV.

South Africans need to know that their Public Protector has been given chapter and verse on this issue including links to these Rapid Responses. The same question I put to Foley has been demanded of the South African Minister of Health. Let’s hope she is honest and courageous enough not to fudge. .

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