A simple question for Brian T Foley 23 March 2004
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Anita L Allen,
communication consultant
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Re: A simple question for Brian T Foley

I am delighted that Brian T Foley of Los Alamos National Lab has decided to resume correspondence in this series of rapid responses after his declaration in the journal Nature last year that it was a waste of his time. I have a simple question for him but first for those who do not know about him I want to detail my experience of this person who describes himself as an “HIV researcher”, yet no search of the Internet throws up any research by him.

Foley contacted me by email in 2000 at the stage when South African President Thabo Mbeki announced his intention of convening a panel to review HIV/AIDS science. Foley was twice given all details of how to become a member of the panel. At the time Professor Sam Mhlongo the only African member of the panel questioning standard HIV-causes-Aids theory was prepared to support his nomination. Foley did not avail himself of the opportunity. Nevertheless his views were submitted in considerable detail by Elliot Small, an African American then working in South Africa and a Harvard graduate in biochemistry who also questioned assumptions of the media-promoted dominant group.

That was in 2000, since then Foley has popped up periodically in emails to various members of the panel and other scientists who oppose the standard HIV-causes-Aids assumptions. I have often been copied on these emails and my analysis of the correspondence is that Foley plays a spoiler role. He has shown no intention of engaging the debate seriously, instead through what can only be purposeful blurring of clarity of communication and red herring diversions he endeavours to cast doubt on the arguments of anyone opposing the dogma of the US-led contingent that started the shamdemic and phandemic that is HIV-causes-AIDS theory. When ever he has been stumped in these correspondences he has disconnected.

His latest Rapid Response is a classic in the genre. He talks of “FDA approved tests” – yes, many of the tests currently being used by health professionals are FDA approved, but none of them are approved to diagnose “HIV infection”. That is my understanding after more than four years of investigating this tragic affair in medical history.

Could Foley please supply the relevant information as to where one can find the information that any test is approved by the FDA to diagnose “HIV infection” and which test by manufacturer name and title that would be? It’s a simple question and it requires a short at most two-line answer. No obfuscations and no explanations will be needed, please Dr Foley.

The question is particularly important for South Africans, because as everyone who is anyone in HIV/AIDS in my country knows I have a complaint with our Public Protector at present because it is my contention after a fruitless four-year effort to get answers from anyone who is anyone in HIV/AIDS here that South Africans are being used as guinea pigs through the non-approved use of spurious so-called HIV tests.

Just one proof of my claim is that no where in the hundreds of documents on HIV/AIDS produced by the South African Health Department and its collaborators including the 280-page Comprehensive Plan for the Roll- out of Antiretrovirals approved by the South African Cabinet on 19 November 2003 are test guidelines provided. Two of the collaborators are the Clinton Foundation and the US Embassy health attaché Gray Handley. As all these people well know the question of the validity of HIV tests has been outstanding since 4 July 2000 when it was first announced following the second meeting of the Presidential Aids Advisory Panel that a collaborative experiment between South African researchers from our Medical Research Council, the US Centres for Disease Control and panel members questioning the validity of so-called HIV tests was announced by our Minister of Health Dr Manto Tshabalala-Msimang.

Since then the team leader from our MRC DR Malegapuru Makgoba has moved to another job, the CDC’s Dr Helene Gayle has been seconded to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and despite every effort by those opposing conventional HIV/AIDS dogma the experiment has not been completed. I would happily provide chapter and verse of these efforts.

The fact is that in South Africa people can be diagnosed as “HIV infected” on a so-called “viral load” test, which is also not FDA approved for this purpose. Nothing can stop the litigation that is going to take place because of malpractice in the application of scientific knowledge not only in HIV/AIDS but in the much larger arena of genetics. Prolonging the misinformation through the tyranny of voting on answers instead of finding them can only exacerbate human rights abuses and make environmental dangers more acute.

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