Re: More Lies 17 March 2004
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Christopher Tyler,

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Re: Re: More Lies

I note that Christopher Noble claims the Perth Group lies about and misrepresents data regarding 'HIV'. However, once again the most direct route to quiet them would be to provide the data they have been asking for for quite some time. For instance;

What is the evidence that the antibody tests are specific?

Why is there no gold standard for the antibody tests? How does Christopher Noble tell the difference between a 'true positive' and a 'false positive'? That is, when an antibody reacts with the antigen in the test kit, how does he know it is an 'HIV antibody' and not simply one of many different antibodies which are known to be reactive in the 'HIV' tests?

Why is there global variation in the interpretive criteria for 'HIV' infection (how can a person be 'positive' in one location and not in another?).

Why is it that a test, the PCR, whose basis is claimed to be recognition of nucleotide sequences specific to an exogenous retrovirus HIV, "should NOT be used" even as a screening test in adults and adolescents and infants infected via blood transfusion yet is recommended and approved to prove perinatal transmission?

What is the evidence that the proteins used in the test kits are structural components of a retroviral particle, 'HIV'? That is, what evidence is there that 'HIV' has been isolated from everything else not 'HIV', such that its structural components have been shown to be these proteins?

Without answering these questions, questions the Perth Group has been asking Christopher Noble and others for, he is lieing by omission.

As a gay man I have been pressed to take these tests time and again, as have my friends. If one of us is reactive, we are told 'HIV' now circulates through our body and will slowly destroy our immune systems. However, without the evidence the Perth Group has been requesting, evidence which yet remains unanswered, I find NO REASON to trust these tests. We are, in fact, being lied to by the medical community when they tell any single one of us that we are 'infected.'

So far Christopher Noble has provided no experimental evidence, whether it be his own or anyone else's, which satisfies the above questions.

Chris Tyler

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