More Lies 12 March 2004
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Christopher J Noble,
postdoctoral fellow
Bern Switzerland

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Re: More Lies

The Perth Group write: 'We have cited only one reference which was a review entitled "Rapid evolution of RNA viruses" written by experts in this field. In this reference one reads: "The type 3 Sabin poliovirus vaccine differed from its neurovirulent progenitor at only 10 nucleotide positions after 53 in vitro and 21 in vivo passages in monkey tissue". [1] This is the exact quote. We have never misquoted, misinterpreted it or made any additions or subtractions, either intentional or by mistake.'

You have cited this article and given this quotation as support for your claim that "the genomes of the most variable RNA viruses do not differ by more than 1%". What you have written is not found anywhere in the article you cite. It is your addition. The sentence you quote does not support your claim. It is a misinterpretation. Isolates of poliovirus differ from each other by much more than 1%.

This has been pointed out to you several times and yet you continue to blatantly lie about this paper.

You also write:"The largest, longest, best designed and executed studies conducted in the USA and Africa show that HIV is not heterosexually transmitted.24-27"

I will make myself absolutely clear because you previously attempted to twist my words to mean something that I definitely did not say. None of the four references you cite show that HIV is not heterosexually transmitted. To claim that they do is a direct and blatant lie.

I will also repeat that the Perth Group present no experimental evidence for their claims. Their entire work consists of their interpretation of actual research. In many cases their interpretations amount to direct and blatant lies.

Anybody that has recently discovered this issue should take the time to compare the Perth Group claims with the citations they provide. I don't mean just checking to see whether the quotations are literal but do they mean in the specific context of the article what the Perth Group claims they mean. Do other parts of the article contradict the Perth Group's interpretation?

Meanwhile another AIDS dissident has died from AIDS while still proudly denying the existence of HIV.

Wake up.

1. Steinhauer DA, Holland JJ. Rapid evolution of RNA viruses. Annual Review of Microbiology 1987;41:409-33.

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