Re: Re: More responses to Christopher Noble 9 March 2004
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Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos,
Royal Perth Hospital, Western Australia,
Valendar F Turner, John Papadimitriou, Barry Page, David Causer, Helman Alfonso, Sam Mhlongo, Todd Miller, Christian Fiala

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Re: Re: Re: More responses to Christopher Noble

In his rapid response: "Re: More responses to Christopher Noble", 25th February Christopher Noble wrote: "The Perth Group wrote: "In the study we have cited the authors even gave several reasons based on sound biological principles, why the variability of the viral genomes cannot be much larger than 1%. In fact, to avoid any misinterpretation we have repeatedly quoted these authors."

The papers that you have cited do nothing of the sort. I have provided you with a reference in a peer reviewed journal and complete gene sequences for the three Sabin polio isolates. They differ from each other by much more than 1%.

After several months the only thing you have proven is your inability to admit to mistakes."

We have cited only one reference which was a review entitled “Rapid evolution of RNA viruses” written by experts in this field. In this reference one reads: "The type 3 Sabin poliovirus vaccine differed from its neurovirulent progenitor at only 10 nucleotide positions after 53 in vitro and 21 in vivo passages in monkey tissue". [1] This is the exact quote. We have never misquoted, misinterpreted it or made any additions or subtractions, either intentional or by mistake.

1. Steinhauer DA, Holland JJ. Rapid evolution of RNA viruses. Annual Review of Microbiology 1987;41:409-33.

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