Re: What is the Perth group's stand? 27 February 2004
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Murali Mohan C.G.,

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Re: Re: What is the Perth group's stand?

In an earlier response "Re: Re: That is a Scientist's responsibility" posted on February 21 st 2004,I had said, "...the Perth group are questioning the evidence that we have which proves the existence,isolation and purification of HIV as also its sexual transmission beyond reasonable doubt. They do not say that they are convinced HIV does not exist , but they want proof,albeit in ways that you may not deem necessary...."

I now realise that it was perhaps inappropriate on my part to have made these statements on behalf of the Perth group :-) Any clarification or assertion about their position on the HIV-AIDS debate should come from the Perth group themselves and not from an outsider like me , irrespective of whether what I said is correct or not.

Thank you, Murali Mohan

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