Re: Re: That is a Scientist's Responsibility 21 February 2004
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Murali Mohan C.G.,

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Re: Re: Re: That is a Scientist's Responsibility

On February 20th 2004 , Peter Flegg wrote ,

"There are more than enough flaws in the science produced by the Perth Group themselves to merit the use of a full-time "deconstructor" to rebut their claims. I would do the job myself,..... "

Oh really ? In that case I will have to ask you the same question that I asked Christopher Noble ( to which I still have not received a reply)- Why don't you write to those journals that published articles by the Perth group instead of trying to "deconstruct" their claims in a non peer-reviewed forum like this , whether you want to do it part time or full time?

"... but have more pressing things to do, like trying to help patients with HIV (some of whom have become infected or infected others as a direct result of the misinformation about HIV that is publicised by dissidents such the Perth Group)."

This statement is highly irresponsible,misleading and unfair. First and foremost, the Perth group are questioning the evidence that we have which proves the existence,isolation and purification of HIV as also its sexual transmission beyond reasonable doubt. They do not say that they are convinced HIV does not exist , but they want proof,albeit in ways that you may not deem necessary. If someone does not bother to know what exactly The Perth Group are saying on HIV/AIDS and goes and gets infected( provided that the virus indeed exists and is sexually transmitted), it is not the Perth group's fault.

Equally importantly, the Perth group have always advocated safe sex practices , even with a partner who happens to be HIV negative.So there is no way in which you can blame them.

Lastly, I want to say this . It does not take a scientist to realise that the mainstream HIV-AIDS community has put its foot in the mouth many a time in the past. Only history will perhaps tell us who is talking real science and who is not.

Murali Mohan

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