Re: Re: That is a Scientist's Responsibility 21 February 2004
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Christopher Tyler,

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Re: Re: Re: That is a Scientist's Responsibility

It would be interesting to know how Peter Flegg knows the people he is 'treating' are actually infected with this putative retrovirus. Considering the antibody tests used to 'diagnose' a person;

a) have no gold standard
b) are known to cross-react with a wide array of antibodies and conditions (how does Mr. Flegg know his patients are 'true' positive as apposed to 'false' positives?)1
c) have criteria that change from location to location.2 (Was a Western Blot used to 'confirm' multiple ELISA tests in these people? If not, would these people be considered infected in the United States?)

Chris Tyler

2. shoebox.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=50

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