Re: That is a Scientist's Responsibility 20 February 2004
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Peter J Flegg,
Consultant Physician
Blackpool, UK FY3 8NR

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Re: Re: That is a Scientist's Responsibility

The clue lies in Chris Noble's use of quote marks around the word "flaws", conveying a different and non-literal meaning entirely (exactly as Mark Bartlett has used for the word "facts" in his own response). The point is that the "flaws" are in fact usually nothing of the sort.

I for one would be delighted if the Perth group were as rigorous in "deconstructing" AIDS dissident "science" as they try to be with orthodox science, or applied equal criteria of evidence for their own claims as they demand from others.

There are more than enough flaws in the science produced by the Perth Group themselves to merit the use of a full-time "deconstructor" to rebut their claims. I would do the job myself, but have more pressing things to do, like trying to help patients with HIV (some of whom have become infected or infected others as a direct result of the misinformation about HIV that is publicised by dissidents such the Perth Group).

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