That is a Scientist's Responsibility 19 February 2004
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Mark Bartlett,
Communicable Disease Control
Toronto, Canada

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Re: That is a Scientist's Responsibility

Christopher Noble says of the Perth Group's comments:

"It is fruitless and pointless to even attempt to prove anything to the Perth Group. Any paper that presents evidence that contradicts their hypotheses will be deconstructed and "flaws" will be found."

This is exactly what I would expect from any good scientist or group of scientists. You say it with such disdain, as if looking for loopholes in scientific "fact" is inappropriate or something done in poor taste.

There have been far too many examples throughout history when "facts" have been all too readily accepted. That has often led others astray, resulting in a huge waste of human and financial resources.

Good science is hard to deconstruct -- and that is precisely the way it is suppose to be. If you are finding the Perth Group adept at decontructing AIDS science, perhaps there is a good reason.

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