Re: Perth Group response to Murali Mohan Chakkilala 20 January 2004
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Murali Mohan Chakkilala,
Philips Innovation Campus, Bangalore,India- 560008

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Re: Re: Perth Group response to Murali Mohan Chakkilala

On 16th January 2004 , the Perth group wrote "Despite the many difficulties, we have managed to publish several papers in peer reviewed Journals over the past decade. This has given Christopher Noble ample time to write to the editors of these Journals pointing out our mistakes including cited references that do not support the arguments stated in the text. He has not done this. In fact for some unknown reason he ignores all our publications in peer reviewed Journals."

Yes, even I and every other impartial reader of this debate would like to know why it is that Christopher Noble has not written to the editors of those journals that have published papers by the Perth group. If Mr.Noble thinks that this online debate is not peer reviewed and hence one can get away with writing half-truths and lies, what does he have to say about all the peer reviewed articles the Perth group have published in respectable scientific journals?

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