A request to the Perth group 1 January 2004
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Murali Mohan Chakkilala,
Philips Innovation Campus, Bangalore, India-560042

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Re: A request to the Perth group

The Perth group have stated that they answer in detail, each and every question that is put to them. On 17 September 2003, Christopher Noble wrote, "If the Perth Group writes an article with hundreds of references at the end it does not make it a scientific article. It is necessary that the cited references actually support the arguments stated in the text. I have already provided a number of examples where the references given by the Perth Group do not support their arguments. Peer review would address some of these points but the Perth Group circumvent peer review by publishing on the internet."

After going through all the rapid responses posted subsequently on this debate, I was not able to find any reply from the Perth group countering Mr.Noble's claim that some of the Perth group's arguments are not supported by the references they provide. It is entirely possible that I might have missed out on something.

I would like to know what the Perth group have to say about Christopher Noble's claim. If they have already given a reply that I might have overlooked, please do excuse me.

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