1.1 An appeal for patient rights and health to take precedence over HIV tunnel vision ( combos and or nothing strategy ) Plus a new petition. 7 December 2003
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james j Whitehead,
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Caroline Cox et al long term surviver

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Re: 1.1 An appeal for patient rights and health to take precedence over HIV tunnel vision ( combos and or nothing strategy ) Plus a new petition.

An appeal for patient rights and health to take precedence over HIV tunnel vision ( combos and or nothing strategy ) From AltHeal We are appealing for CO-OPERATIVE doctors and health care professionals to prescribe, in accordance with the wishes of well-informed patients, scientifically validated non-toxic anti-AIDS treatments for HIV positives and AIDS patients who DO NOT want to use combination therapies and or other conventional treatments. At present some of us are effectively boycotting the medical profession because the system does not meet ANY other therapeutic needs. We URGENTLY need doctors and health care professionals primarily in the United Kingdom, but also abroad. The majority of our members support, advocate, campaign for and some have already volunteered (including two of the authors are more than willing to be in any clinical trials and research into the agents discussed below and possibly others. To this end We have started a data base of people diagnosed as being Hiv-seropositive, many of whom are long term survivors and asymptomatic without any treatment and some of whom are long term survivors both of HIV and AIDS diagnosis many of whom have for many reasons either chosen to come off treatment (Toxicities and side effects are a common cause of this) or are not on conventional treatments in the United Kingdom , Africa, Spain, France, Norway, Germany, United States. Infact we are inviting people who have chosen not to use treatment for what ever reasons from anywhere in the world to join our data base of volunteers for double blinded placebo controlled trials ( with Long term follow up) of these and other non toxic anti aids, anti cancer, anti wasting, anti-liver damage/disease, anti-neuro degenerative disease’s. At the same time we are appealing to health care professionals and health care providers to respect and cater for people who have chosen not use combination therapy and or conventional treatments and or have chosen to use these agents along side combination therapy and/or conventional treatments to help treat and prevent some of the toxicities as well as treat wasting that effects cancer(cachexia) patients and AIDS patients that is completely independent of viral load anyway. Indeed combo its self can induce wasting (lipoatrophy, lipodystrophy) as can many conventional treatments through oxidation and disruption of mitochondrial function , significantly increased lipid oxidative markers in Lipoatrophy (4), and malabsorbtion syndromes (IBS) (1). We receive requests from all over the UK and abroad all the time. Instead of ignoring these people our group has many long term HIV asymptomatics and people with long term survival after AIDS diagnoses including some of the authors of this appeal. Why not respect our, and many other people’s, wishes. Cooperate where it can be scientifically justified. We are appealing for doctors and health care professionals to respect the choices of our members and people with HIV and AIDS and to help them access and use nontoxic chemical/nutritional therapy as an effective alternative or as a complementary treatment strategy to ameliorate the side effects of toxic combo therapy. There now follows irrefutable scientific evidence to support our position. We invite doctors and health care providers to review some of the available evidence. Please click here for full appeal with graphs and references: http://www.altheal.org/texts/oxidative.htm (NB.This appeal will remain under construction, it will be improved and constantly updated with any new and relevant published research, clinical trials and information). It has been found that AIDS is characterised by a persistent oxidative imbalance. An increasing deficiency of the non-toxic anti-oxidant glutathione plays a crucial role in the transition from pre-AIDS to full blown disease (1,2) To quote from Montagnier (the discoverer of HIV) et al (3): Page 655: “A large body of data on in vitro human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection and biochemical clinical studies suggests that oxidative stress plays a role in AIDS pathogenesis*. Recent reports have implicated intracellular excess of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in the induction of HIV expression (4-7) and in the initiation of apoptotic cell death ** (8). Studies showing a decrease in glutathione in peripheral blood mononuclear cells from symptom-free persons offer further evidence of a metabolic alteration leading to the decreased ability to counteract oxidative stress (9). These findings, together with other alterations of biochemical indicators of systemic oxidative damage that have been observed (10-12) suggest that antioxidants can be useful in inhibiting viral replication and cell death in patients with HIV infection and AIDS” “All this argues in favour of oxidation as being a critical factor in the pathogenesis of AIDS and HIV expression.” (69)”. (1). “Montagnier and his associate David Klatzmann were the first to draw attention to the fact that LAV infection of T4 cells in vitro does not lead to HIV expression unless the cells are stimulated. "Infection of resting T4 cells does not lead to viral replication or to expression of viral antigens on the cell surface, while stimulation by lectins or antigens of the same cells results in production of viral particles, antigenic expression and the cytopathic effect" (Klatzmann and Montagnier, 1986). Gallo also expressed the view that without "activation" the T4 cells do not express virus (Zagury et al., 1986). But, apparently, they did not realise that oxidative phenomena are implicated in human T-cell stimulation (Sekkat et al., 1988).” (69)”. (1). “Montagnier: “I strongly believe that one important factor is the activation of the T-helper cells. Consecutive T-cell receptor stimulation induces T-cell deletion by apoptosis. [4] Recognizing the importance of apoptosis in AIDS progression may have dramatic implications for developing new treatments for AIDS. Apoptosis may induce oxidative stress. We know also that oxidative stress can mediate apoptosis. This is a circular cascade.”(27)”. (1). “The Fas/Fas ligand system is involved in uncontrolled apoptosis, which ultimately leads to the loss of T lymphocytes in human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-infected individuals” (57). “Our recent reports have shown that L-carnitine inhibits Fas-induced apoptosis and ceramide production both in vitro and in vivo. The aim of this study was to study, in a preliminary fashion, the impact of long-term L-carnitine administration on CD4 and CD8 absolute counts, rate, and apoptosis in HIV-1-infected subjects”.(57)”. (1). “Taken together, our data suggest that long-term L-carnitine administration may have a substantial impact on the chief immunologic abnormality associated with HIV-1 infection, the loss of CD4 T cells, through down modulating the generation of ceramide and reducing the rate of apoptotic lymphocyte death, without affecting the HIV-1 viremia levels, thus suggesting that a dissociation exists between changes in viremia and CD4 depletion.” (57)” (1). “The view that accelerated T cell turnover is a result of HIV-mediated killing of CD4+ T cells has been recently challenged by a number of observations that collectively suggest that CD4+ T cell depletion in AIDS is related not only to the direct, virus-mediated death of infected CD4+ T cells, but also to apoptosis of large numbers of uninfected "bystander" T cells in the setting of the pronounced state of chronic immune activation that follows HIV infection (5-13). Indeed, accumulating evidence indicates that most of the excessive T cell destruction associated with HIV infection involves uninfected cells that die as a result of activation-induced cell death (AICD) rather than direct HIV infection (5-12).” ( 2 ). “Altogether these observations indicate that the increased susceptibility to apoptosis of peripheral T cells from HIV-infected persons correlates with disease progression and support the hypothesis that the chronic activation of the immune system occurring throughout HIV infection is the primary mechanism responsible for this cell deletion process.” (3) . “CD4+ T cell depletion in AIDS is related apoptosis of uninfected "bystander" T cells in the setting of the pronounced state of chronic auto-immune activation that follows "HIV" infection.”. (3). Here are some of the treatments that our members are seeking or are using already. Many would prefer to use these agents working with co­operative doctors and health care professionals. Anti oxidant therapies : including: S-Acetyl-Glutathione (SAG), NAC , Acetyl –Selenium, , Vit B complex, Vit C, Vit E, Vit A , Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Mixtures of omega 3 and omega 6 ( found in hemp seed oil, flaxseed oil, pure extra virgin cold pressed olive oil, fish oils preferably free of mercury), Cystein rich undenurtured whey proteins, L glutamine/L –Arginine/HMB mixtures , Padma 28 , Pycnogenol, risk reduction strategies, reducing recreational drug consumption, reducing smoking, reducing alcohol consumption, reducing exposure to all oxidizing agents, avoiding paracetamol containing mixtures( destroys glutathione ), diet manipulation and improvement, stress reduction strategies. We would like to take this opportunity to invite BMJ readers and other scientists, doctors, patients, health officials, charities, NGO’s governments and politicians to support our appeal by signing our petition which will be released shortly on our AltHeal site which can reached by clicking here : http://www.altheal.org . In Africa and in third world populations we appeal to governments to make clean water available freely to all, people need clean water and if they are on combination it is critical that they get enough water as is advised to all western patients. We also appeal that malnutrition, poor housing, over crowding and poverty be eliminated and that diseases such as TB and malaria are not left under funded as a result of anti hiv drugs gobbling up all the resources. (5) This is more than just an academic issue, what we have is an ongoing violation of the health rights and well being of all HIV positive people. Thank you for your attention. We appeal to all governments, Health care providers, doctors, scientists all over the world Africa, Europe, United Kingdom, the Americas to support people human right to fully informed consent and choice. FREEDOM DOES NOT EXIST IF THERE IS NO CHOICE. Best Wishes. Go Well. Merry Christmas and goodwill to all sides in this debate but request that they remain respectful and civil with each other even when there is disagreement. When it comes to oxidation there is much common ground between dissidents and mainstream establishment figures. Yours sincerely James Whitehead ,Caroled cox et al on behalf of members and supporters of AltHeal. http://www.altheal.org E-mail : info@altheal.org REFERENCES: (1)John Kirkham, James Whitehead ,Caroled Cox et al on behalf of members and supporters of AltHeal. . Please click here for full appeal with graphs and references:http://www.altheal.org/texts/oxidative.htm (2) J. Clin. Invest. 112:821-824 (2003). doi:10.1172/JCI200319799. Copyright ©2003 by the American Society for Clinical Investigation. (3) The Journal of Immunology, Vol 156, Issue 9 3509-3520, Copyright © 1996 by American Association of Immunologists . (4) JAIDS Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes 2003; 34(1):45-49 Lipid Oxidative Markers Are Significantly Increased in Lipoatrophy But Not in Sustained Asymptomatic Hyperlactatemia Grace A. McComsey; Jason D. Morrow Taken from the general forum section on www.aidsmythexposed.com (5) Mark Griffiths of AltHeal. The right to information of people diagnosed HIV positive and with AIDS Informed consent and free therapeutic choice are fundamental human rights. http://www.altheal.org/texts/informed.htm http://www.sidasante.com/textes/Sida_en_Afrique_programme.pdf African National Congress HIV/AIDS and the Struggle for the Humanisation of the African This report was published after the "Durban declaration" in 2000. This might take time to download. Nutritional Therapy for the Treatment and Prevention of AIDS: Scientific Bases . Dr Roberto Giraldo. Taken From www.robertogiraldo.com . There now follows just two personal comments by some of the authors of this appeal who are part of a rapidly growing list, data base of volunteers, volunteering and expressing a wish not to use combination therapies ,conventional therapies and wish instead and choose to use non toxic anti aids medicines that boost the immune system and correct deficiencies as well as supported those who wish to use complementary therapies alongside combination therapy and conventional treatments both to treat wasting and to reduce and prevent some of the well known associated toxicities. James Whitehead ,Caroline Cox et al on behalf of members and supporters of AltHeal. http://www.altheal.org E-mail : info@altheal.org James Whitehead, former researcher at Continuum Magazine, Research assistant Meditel Productions, One of the Founding members of AltHeal . Long Term Survivor 16 years plus of hiv diagnosis , I have personally in the past had contradictory blood results but that was back in the days when western blot was not effectively banned from clinical use since around 1992 in England and Wales and a long term survivor of AIDS first diagnosed 1998 and also a suffer of “AIDS” wasting when not on appropriate treatment strategies. My Aids wasting reverses dramatically when I can afford to be on the treatment strategies discussed in are appeal.EG.I weighed 64KG on 13 January 2003 when I stopped all combo and conventional treatment (because of side effects, vomiting, etc etc) I started alternative treatments strategies all the agents discussed in are appeal and within 15 week period my weight had increased to over 75KG , interestingly not fat on the stomach as is what happens with pregnant like swollen stomachs one tends to get when one is on combo and wasted limbs ,arms ,legs and glutamus maximus, and in some sucked out faces. No the regain in weight was in muscle .I have been off all alternative treatment now for 5 months ( due to finance problems associated with being seriously ill and with no health care provision for my treatment choices I am even forced to pay a tax designed for luxury goods VAT 17.5% to treat aids defining diseases that are life threatening talk about adding insult to injury and making alternative and complementary medicine inaccessible to people with light threatening diseases like AIDS and Cancer and AIDS patients are alarming increasing becoming cancer patients new evidence of alarming increases in various types of cancer including lung cancer and liver disease/failure will be added to the appeal shortly) and my weight has now dropped to just 61KG. So when I stopped the alternative treatment strategies discussed in are appeal the wasting immediately returned. I must also say that while on this treatment strategy as well as growing my muscles back that my energy levels and feeling of well being dramatically increased (“All of the subjects reported, with no exception, a sense of improved well-being by the second week of L-carnitine treatment.” (57). “(1), as well as improvement in many conditions I have that are associated with the disease processes that I have including combo induced diahoria that I had for 5 years. Currently boycotting doctors and health care providers for failure to treat my aids wasting condition (which has been an aids defining disease since 1987) with anything yet alone respect my informed decisions to treat it with the non toxic proven in double blinded placebo controlled trials agents that have been shown to stop and reverse wasting syndromes in AIDS and Cancer . I was literally laughed at and ridiculed by so called professionals for asking for treatments that I know through personal experience as well as through thorough research work fantastically well at treating “aids wasting”.that effect my life directly and for following the unethical unfair combo and or nothing strategy that the UK NHS and the western world follows. I personally cannot use steroids or HGH because I have had KS (now gone), I have CMV, I have an impaired liver condition related to the CMV I am told ? and because Steroids may activate candida albicans and because they are hepatoxic and immunosuppressive and because HGH is way to expensive and may increase tumour growths. I support AltHeal’s suggestion of further clinical trials in this country and have volunteered my services. I hope that many others will follow. Caroline Cox, recent member to AltHeal. Diagnosed Hiv+ eight years ago. Refused all forms of treatment for Hiv infection. In this period I have traveled the breadth of the United Kingdom and have experienced much prejudice in the national health “service”, especially towards those patients who question the conventional methods adopted by the medical professional. It is demoralizing enough to be informed of a positive diagnosis, but to be later dismissed as being an aids-denialist because you contest the ill-informed advice from supposed health officials, is not only frustrating, but an insult. The scientific evidence has categorically identified numerous problems with the use of anti-retroviral treatment and much controversy over the use of the ELISA test to identify the presence of the Hiv virus. There is further evidence suggesting that other alternative and/or complementary treatments elevate CD4 counts which is the contributing factor affecting all positive individuals i.e. a low CD4 count. The Government is willing to contribute 15,000 pounds a year per patient of towards the treatment using anti-retroviral prescribed medications, however, if given a choice, many would prefer support using alternative supplements at a fraction of the cost. The present system offers no choice to the individual. Why? Surely this is a breech of the European Human Rights Convention. All contributors to national insurance should be given a choice of what treatments are available and not those necessarily adopted by the present orthodoxy in the National Health Service. If there is sufficient scientific evidence to support the use of other forms of medication than this facility should be made available. It is ultimately up to the individual what method of treatment they will use but this is not the case for those diagnosed Hiv +ve, as it is also for many other people suffering ill-health e.g. Cancer patients. I support AltHeal’s suggestion of further clinical trials in this country and have volunteered my services. I hope that many others will follow.

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