HIV Tunnel Vision 6 December 2003
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John Kirkham,

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Re: HIV Tunnel Vision

There is plenty of scientific evidence (see the link below for a sampling of this evidence) that intracellular oxidative stress is required for the pathogenesis of AIDS but the significance of this is played down in deference to the HIV hypothesis and the AIDS industry drugs. In particular an increasing intracellular deficiency of the non-toxic antioxidant glutathione plays a crucial role in the transition from pre-AIDS to full blown disease.

I wonder why non-toxic and inexpensive therapeutic interventions, based on such well established knowledge of the effectiveness of particular antioxidant compounds, are not available on the NHS or even brought to the attention of patients? The AIDS industry nucloside analog drugs are oxidising agents. They can especially have a severe intracellular oxidising effect because of their mitochondrial toxicity. The severity of this effect is dependent upon the extent of mitochondrial damage caused.

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