Professor Peron and an MS virus? 11 November 2003
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Trevor G Marshall,
Managing Editor, Thousand Oaks, California

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Re: Professor Peron and an MS virus?

Dear Dr Djamel Tahi,
Thank you for your fascinating interview with Montagnier.
My own research has been looking at the differing etiologies of the 'autoimmune' diseases, and there is one where a Th1 bacterial pathogenesis does not seem likely. The biochemistry in Multiple Sclerosis seems to point more towards a viral etiology.

You can therefore imagine my surprise and delight to see your references to "the virus of Multiple Sclerosis of Prof. Peron". But a search of Pubmed for papers by Prof Peron on this subject came up blank.

Can you please refer me to any material (preferably English, but I can struggle through French) which might describe what Prof. Peron observed, and what he was seeking? Was he perhaps the subject of another of these excellent interviews, for example?

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