In fact, INCREDIBLE as it may sound, he acknowledged nothing of relevance to your enduringly specious arguments... 24 October 2003
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Tony Floyd,
Medical Student
Newcastle University 2308,
Louis Feinberg, Joseph Wardell and Moses Horwitz

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Re: In fact, INCREDIBLE as it may sound, he acknowledged nothing of relevance to your enduringly specious arguments...

As I will continue pointing out, the use of ordinary 'proof' to support extraordinary arguments is getting you nowhere.

> in the interview he admitted "I repeat, we did not purify" and in his view neither did Gallo. In fact, incredible as it may sound, he acknowledged that in what he called "purified labelled virus" in 1983 did not even have particles having "the morphology typical of retroviruses. They were very different." (2)

Are some scattered quotes, referenced to a now non-existent magazine ( supposed to provide proof that one of the co-discoverers of HIV unearthed some sort of monumental aforementioned truth? And as for the "in fact, incredible as it may sound, he acknowledged..." bit, geesh, was this lifted from some tabloid or conspiracy theorist mag or what? So a comment about particles having different morphology to other particles proves what exactly? Assuming he even said it... Tuberculosis behaves differently to other infectious agents. Does that mean that it doesn't exist also?

Perhaps looking at what Luc Montagnier has published in reputable (and at least still in existence) journals might provide some insight to his version of the early days of HIV discovery. In the October 2003 issue of Nature Medicine he published a letter entitled the Historical Accuracy of HIV Isolation(1). There was no shocking revelation or need to travel to Africa to explain why every other scientist in the world except me has somehow got it all wrong. No, he just sets straight some of the facts that led to LAV (later to be known as HIV) being recognised as the cause of AIDS:


"Our expanded team was accumulating data indicating that LAV was the cause of AIDS and related syndromes: their tropism for CD4+ T lymphocytes, isolation of the same type of virus from African patients and hemophiliacs, and epidemiological correlation between antibodies against LAV proteins and the disease. Meanwhile, Gallo and his coworkers (in particular Mikulas Popovic) isolated viruses similar to ours, and in early 1984 brought forth more convincing evidence for their causal relationship with AIDS."


And what of Luc Montagnier's other 100-plus published articles on HIV? They in fact provide a good time-line of the development of knowledge about HIV and the very real and deadly syndrome that it causes. A worthwhile read, I recommend it to you.



(1) Montagnier L. Historical accuracy of HIV isolation. Nat Med. 2003 Oct;9(10):1235.

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