What motivates them??? 16 October 2003
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Tony Floyd,
Medical Student
Newcastle University

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Re: What motivates them???

As occasionally happens, the Powlsons and Marshalls of the world chime in from the gallery adding (amongst other things) a respite from the inveterate respondents.

Would all and sundry move to an alternative forum voluntarily? I don't think so. I'd be happy to provide links to a plethora of web sites that reference responses as apparently 'published evidence' in the BMJ. So, for some, responses provide pseudo-cred for their pseudo-science. The flip side of that is if it was held elsewhere would those incensed by the misuse of science bother retorting elsewhere? Probably not.

More than science is at stake when self interest and desire to be a new age Galileo and/or push one's own nostrum has delayed treatment to those who need it most in South Africa. Even when South Africa was offered a free drug to reduce mother to child transmission of HIV it turned it down. Perhaps the thought of all the infants that could have been spared an inexorable decline to death long before they reach puberty might have provided motivation to some?

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