HIV Denial Has Not Progressed One Bit. 14 October 2003
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Tony Floyd,
Medical Student
Newcastle University

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Re: HIV Denial Has Not Progressed One Bit.

Responding to some of the comments above:

> Once again let us repeat that the criteria for isolation/purification but are those of some of the most imminent retrovirologists including Gallo and Montagnier.

Gallo is far from an 'imminent' retrovirologist. In fact he's the head of the Institute of Human Virology(1) and has been publishing papers on retroviruses for more than two decades. Montagnier has a similar track record.

> Yes, we "willing to be educated" with scientific facts...

Now that is comforting. The way things have been going I thought you were hoping to convince only those who aren't willing to check the facts, or hoping those that are will eventually give up. You have returned to Bess/Gallo arguments rather than resolving how you managed to claim that the variance in polio and influenza genomes could be used to claim that HIV doesn't exist. If two varieties of Influenza virus can have an even greater genomic variance than HIV subtypes and you are suggesting that your argument holds water at all, then which of the two Influenza viruses therefore doesn't exist, the first one discovered or the second one?

If you put it in writing then you should either stand by it or admit that you just got it wrong rather than trying to side-step the issue.

Extraordinary claims call for extraordinary proof. Ordinary attempts at proof remain just that.


(1) Institute of Human Virology

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