Re: The Perth Group "answer" to Christopher Noble 17 September 2003
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Murali Mohan Chakkilala,
Lay person
Philips Innovation campus , Bangalore - 560042

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Re: Re: The Perth Group "answer" to Christopher Noble

I do agree that Mr.Christopher Noble's posts are often offensive. I appeal to everyone who posts a rapid response here to be polite.The more offensive / abusive one gets, the more the person harms his own arguments.

Being a layperson with respect to virology, I do not have the necessary qualification or access to most of the papers cited here and hence I can not really come to a conclusion as to who is correct. I am sure there are many other people who are keenly following this debate that share this view point of mine.So where is all this debate leading to? I don't think anybody knows, the Perth group included :-)

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