HIV is not the only exogenous retrovirus. 19 August 2003
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Brian T Foley,
HIV Researcher
Los Alamos National Lab, Los Alamos, NM 87545 USA

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Re: HIV is not the only exogenous retrovirus.

In his rapid response, Jeffrey Evans wrote:
"It was not to be - I'm still without an example of another genome-insinuating, exogenous, infectious entity."

I have no idea what Jeffrey is talking about here. There are dozens of exogenous retroviruses which have been characterized in detail:
HTLVs, STLVs and a few other T-cell leukemia viruses are certainly exogenous. They, like the lentiviruses are "complex" retroviruses with regulatory genes in addition to the Gag-Pol-Env genes found in all retroviruses. So far, nobody has ever found a complex retrovirus in an endogenous state (found in the germ-line DNA).

There are many exogenous retroviruses of livestock and fowl that are of economic importance in the agricultural industry. The Avian Leukosis/Sarcoma Viruses are just one example. Look up all the research that has been done in recent years on the "J subtype" of ALV for an introduction.

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ALV-J appears to be a recent recombinant between the exogenous Rous Sarcoma Virus type of ALV, and an endogenous fowl retrovirus. Below is an example of a bovine exogenous retrovirus that has been less well characterized than ALV-J:

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