A plea to Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos 8 August 2003
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Christopher J Noble,
postdoctoral fellow
Bern Switzerland

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Re: A plea to Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos

Please answer the question!

Let me just remind you what you previously wrote.

'No such thing can be done unless you first have proof that the RNAs from which the cDNAs were derived originated from HIV particles. The difference between the sequences of the chimpanzee genome and the human genome is less than 2%, while the genomes of RNA viruses do not differ by more than 1% and even this 1% sequence differences are considered to represent "extreme variability". (9) For example, "The type 3 Sabin poliovirus vaccine differed from its neurovirulent progenitor at only 10 nucleotide positions after 53 in vitro and 21 in vivo passages in monkey tissues. In 1977, H1N1 influenza A virus reappeared in the human population after 27 years of dormancy with sequences mainly identical to those of the 1950s virus". How then does Brian Foley explain that differences of up to 40% as is the case in the "HIV" sequences (10) (11) represent the genome of one and the same object? In other words, if a mere difference of less than 2% leads to the appearance of two totally different objects (namely, humans and chimpanzees), how then can differences of up to 40% lead to the appearance of the same object (namely "HIV")? Indeed, if the sequence variation was the only fact one knew about these nucleic acids sequences the only conclusion one could come to is they are not the nucleic acids of a retrovirus or indeed any virus. Or, as Peter Duesberg has so aptly stated, "there is a range, a small range, in which you can mutate around without too much penalty, but as soon as you exceed it you are gone, and you are not HIV any longer, or a human any longer...then you are either dead or you are a monkey, or what have you".'

You seem to be under the impression that only other peoples claims should be subject to critical analysis.

You have made several claims in this discussion and in other writings that are available on the internet. These claims have been frequently repeated by a large number of people that argue that HIV does not exist.

Please provide references for your claim that "the genomes of RNA viruses do not differ by more than 1%".

Please read the references I have provided regarding HPV. The most divergent isolates of HPV differ by 50% or more. According to your arguments HPV and the influenza virus do not exist.

You have used this argument as an excuse to totally ignore thousands of papers on the HIV genome. Why is it applicable to HIV and not to HPV and influenza?

You have been arguing that thousands of scientists are wrong about the HIV genome. The least you could do is answer some of my questions.

Chris Noble

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