And now for something completely different.. 31 July 2003
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John Q Smith,
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Re: And now for something completely different..

The politics of HIV and AIDS in South Africa is influenced by the politics of HIV and AIDS in other countries on this planet, because humans around the globe are now able to communicate. The media that humans call "the internet" has increased this communication, although phones and printed media are still used extensively.

The internet has increased human's ability to "publish" ideas. Here are links to several ideas about HIV and AIDS that are no less outlandish than the idea that AIDS does not exist at all: cieties/Conspiracies/secret_origin_of_aids.htm ech/highlights/000720_armenicum.shtml

We ask that all humans learn the TRUTH about not only HIV and AIDS, but also other problems that afflict the human population. If you are seeking the TRUTH about any issue, you need to consider not only the words or ideas you are presented with, but who it is that is presenting them to you. You should not rely on "trust" or "common sense" alone to decide which of the infinite number of "sides" of a story is true, although they often are of help. The scientific method is of use only if its rules are followed. If the "Perth group" has any evidence of any scientific wrongdoing in the course of HIV or AIDS research, they should pursue the wrongdoers, bring suits against them.

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