Re: The ever-changing rules of the game don't apply to Africa 21 July 2003
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nojeem adeleye adepegba,

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Re: Re: The ever-changing rules of the game don't apply to Africa


I quite agree with rasnick,that instead of africa population to dwindle it keep on rising. But if there is realy an epidemics of aids as claimed by the western country there should at be a marginal drop in population instead will witness the opposite.

Let me that an example of nigeria where i was born and still staying,we are made to believe that five million are h.i.v positive and yet our population keep increasing every day,the real motive of our leaders to declare the country as aids devastated zone is to gain sympathy of the west in the area of getting some aids fund like the one presently announced by the BUSH administration by the time this money is released very few individual will eventually share this money into their private pose not minding the state of anybody that is sick.

I make bold to submit that there is no aids epidemic in nigeria and that the incidence of h.i.v my be due mainly to malaria parasites which is very rampant in our society but you declaring that malaria is a threat does not make enough money from the west.


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