Re: Re: We repeat: “Where is the proof for HIV purification by any method?" 1 July 2003
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James Whitehead,
Treating myself.
London SW2 2 LA.

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Re: Re: Re: We repeat: “Where is the proof for HIV purification by any method?"

: J Clin Microbiol 1991 Oct;29(10):2280-4 Related Articles,Links

Overall, 443 (22.2%) serum specimens were HIV-1 Western blot positive, 390 (19.5%) had indeterminate HIV-1 Western blot patterns, and no samples were HIV-2 Western blot positive. The sensitivity of the ELISAs ranged from 97.5 to 99.8%, and the specificity ranged from 51.7 to 98.4%.

By population group, the negative predictive value ranged from 97.1 to 100%, in contrast to the positive predictive value, which varied from 6.6 to 100%.

Furthermore, the high frequency of indeterminate Western blots for African sera emphasizes the continual need for improved confirmatory assays and interpretation criteria.


1: J Clin Microbiol 1992 Mar;30(3):691-7 Related Articles,Links

When both Western blots were interpreted in accordance with CDC criteria, the ABN WesPage and the DuPont Western blot yielded 9.3 and 10.4% indeterminate results, respectively.

When the DuPont Western blot was interpreted in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions (FDA criteria), 25.7% of the samples tested were regarded as indeterminate.

The choice of interpretation criteria is of paramount importance for the evaluation of HIV Western blot patterns.


1: J Formos Med Assoc 1994 Apr;93(4):283-8 Related Articles,Links

Follow-up investigation of indeterminate western blot results for antibody to human immunodeficiency virus type 1. According to the interpretation criteria for the anti-HIV Western blot test recommended by the Centers for Disease Control, 38 (4.2%) were Western blot-positive, 110 (12.1%) were Western blot-negative, and 763 (83.7%) were Western blot-indeterminate.

The most common band patterns of indeterminate Western blot results were antibodies to gag gene product only (667/763, 87.5%) which included p18 only (180, 23.6%), p18 plus others (521, 68.3%), p25 only (55, 7.2%), and p25 plus others (212, 27.8%).

Eighty-three individuals with indeterminate Western blot results were followed-up and new serum samples were collected. None of the follow-up samples became positive.

When band patterns changed, they usually did so within the specific category (either gag, pol, or env), such as a change from p18 to its precursor p55.


James: Everytime there are more "indeterminates" (persons having one, two or more supposedly specific to "hiv" proteins/bands detectable/reactive on western blot "hiv" antibody test kits) and everytime the number of "indeterminates" change then of course the number of so-called "positives" and or so-called "negatives" changes as a direct effect.But there is no study ever to the best of my knowledge ever validating any of these test kits using "hiv" itself, always indirect markers, other antibody test kits, algo rythams, as for Positive Predictive Value and Negative predictive Value (PPV/NPV) as also being complete unobjective scientific nonsense. I am afraid that I must also disagree, I do not think that many of the "confirmatory" tests, testing procedures, "interpretations", "prolonged -longed incubations", dilutions, heat treating, pokeweed mitogen, EDTA are objective or scientific. A simplified version of "PPV/NPV" is guilty of crime if considered to be from a high risk area/group or not guilty of a crime if considered to be from a low risk area/group.

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