Re: HIV in South Africa 25 June 2003
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Matthew L Grove,
Consultant Rheumatologist

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Re: Re: HIV in South Africa

In her initial detailed submission to this debate of the 13/3/2003, Dr. Papadopulos-Eleopulos sets out in detail the evidence that "The only sexual act, in both gay and heterosexual sex, which is related to the appearance of AIDS and a positive antibody test is receptive anal intercourse"

She then concludes:

"Since the main and absolutely necessary property of sexually transmitted agents is bidirectionality, that is, transmission from the passive to the active partner and vice versa, this means HIV cannot be sexually transmitted."

What? How is that?

My knowledge of such matters is purely theoretical - but surely both partners in a male homosexual relationship can be either passive or active in any given sexual act, and may be active on one occasion and passive on another. So transmission is bidirectional.

This argument could pertain for the heterosexual case, but the data to the contrary has been well-rehearsed above.

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