Re: A modest proposal 1 June 2003
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Brian T Foley,
HIV Researcher
Los Alamos National Lab, Los Alamos NM 87545

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Re: Re: A modest proposal

> However, do the Perth Group and Dr. Foley at least > agree that meeting these criteria would be *sufficient* > to prove the existence of HIV, and that failing to > find any HIV after meeting these criteria would at > least cast some doubt on the existence of HIV?

The criteria that the Perth group claim are needed are impossible to meet. No virus has ever met them and none ever will. Density gradient ultracentifugation can only "enrich" a virus preparation up to 80% to maybe 98% purity, it can never produce a 100% "pure" virus preparation free of all other materials. Several groups have made such preparations of HIV (as they have for FIV, SIV, EIAV and other lentiviruses) and shown that there is some cellular debris and microvessicles derived from the cell culture in these preparations. Even 100% virus particles will contain some cell-derived proteins, because lentiviruses are enveloped viruses and the lipid bilayer envelope carries with it some cellular proteins such as MHC molecules.

Infectious molecular clones on the other hand can be made 100% pure, free of even viral proteins, they are just naked DNA copies of the viral genome. There are thousands of other advantages of cloning, over crude density preps of viruses. Molecular genetics offers a whole world of research that was not available with pre-1970 techniques.

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