Your argument has more holes in it than something full of holes used for comparative purposes. 8 May 2003
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Tony Floyd,
Medical Student
Newcastle University, Newcastle Australia

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Re: Your argument has more holes in it than something full of holes used for comparative purposes.

Taking a closer look at two articles referenced above:

>the 'HIV' proteins have been and still are obtained from particulate material which consists overwhelmingly of cellular fragments in which are interspersed a small number of particles whose morphology more resembles that of retrovirus particles but none of which have all the structural characteristics attributed to HIV or even to retrovirus particles.26 27 ...In other words, the antigens in the antibody tests could be nothing more than cellular proteins

The first reference given is from Bess and colleagues' 1997 paper(1). It does discuss the problem of 'nonvirion-associated cellular proteins'. It does not suggest that there was any doubt as to which proteins were from the virus and which were picked up from the host T-cell as the virus budded.

Furthermore Bess has continued to work on vaccines targeting HIV(2):

"By exploiting the intrinsic chemistry of retroviruses, we have developed a novel method for generating whole inactivated virion vaccine immunogens"

Why would he do this if his earlier work on microvesicles as 'contaminating proteins' gave cause to doubt HIV testing in general? Perhaps it didn't.

Does the other author cited (Gluschankof) provide any reason to doubt the existence of HIV or the validity of HIV testing? Or did he also entitle a paper in such a way that it would later be misused to support extraordinary claims?

His 2001 paper(3) states:

"The persistence of HIV-1 within resting memory CD4 T cells constitutes a major obstacle in the control of HIV-1 infection. "

Those encouraging 'critical analysis' should also encourage accurate analysis. There is no evidence that these researchers (or their work) add credence to alternative AIDS theories.


(1) Bess JW Jr, Gorelick RJ, Bosche WJ, Henderson LE, Arthur LO. Microvesicles are a source of contaminating cellular proteins found in purified HIV-1 preparations. Virology. 1997 Mar 31;230(1):134-44. PMID: 9126269 [Abstract]

(2) Chertova E, Crise BJ, Morcock DR, Bess JW Jr, Henderson LE, Lifson JD. Sites, mechanism of action and lack of reversibility of primate lentivirus inactivation by preferential covalent modification of virion internal proteins. Curr Mol Med. 2003 May;3(3):265-72. PMID: 12699362 [Abstract]

(3) Gondois-Rey F, Biancotto A, Pion M, Chenine AL, Gluschankof P, Horejsi V, Tamalet C, Vigne R, Hirsch I. Production of HIV-1 by resting memory T lymphocytes. AIDS. 2001 Oct 19;15(15):1931-40. PMID: 11600820 [Abstract]

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