CONSPIRACY THEORY??? 23 April 2003
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Tony Floyd,
Medical Student
Newcastle University, Newcastle Australia 2308

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At my University we are almost indoctrinated with a distrust of Pharmaceutical Companies. Hell I'm a card-carrying member of!

Most Doctors that I've spent time with think little of the Government or big business.

These disparate groups could not coordinate the proverbial in a brothel, let alone dupe the entire world into some sort of orchestrated suppression of the 'hidden truth' about any pathology as suggested, especially one as unfortunately omnipresent as HIV/AIDS.

Of course you would expect anyone involved in a conspiracy to deny that they are part of one. Hence it is best to 'fess up. That's right, I'm part of it. :)

Or perhaps those that are pointing the finger have several pointing straight back at them?

Being a much smaller group of people it would be far more feasible for them to the conspirators! Perhaps what is really going on is a Conspiracy to Fabricate a Conspiracy Theory or a CFCT.

You heard it here first.

So when the scientific world fails to embrace my all natural patented 3000C potentised herbal virgin yak fat infusion theory I'll have something to fall back on. The Medical Establishment (you know, them) will be implicated in my very own CFCT!



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