Misquotations 18 April 2003
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Peter J Flegg,
Blackpool Victoria Hospital, UK, FY3 8NR

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Re: Misquotations

David Rasnick says: "Flegg accuses me of misquoting. I try very hard to quote people and texts accurately. Therefore, I ask Flegg to post the most egregious example(s) of where I misquoted him or others so that I can acknowledge the errors and correct them."

I have already pointed out to Rasnick (April 3rd) where he has deliberately misquoted meľ I suggest he read my letter again.

For observers wanting a quick taste, here is a flavour:

"..HIV is maximally infectious during the acute phase of infection, and that many if not most transmissions occur during this period". (Flegg, March 30th)

"Flegg says after a short time following infection an HIV positive individual eventually fights off HIV and is thus unable to spread the infection". (Rasnick, April 1st)

Having already waited 2 weeks for a requested correction, I will not be holding my breath on this occasion.

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