Support for wake up call and need for paradigm shift 11 April 2003
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Dr. Charles Ssali,
Director of Mariandina Research
P.O.Box 169 Dartford,Kent DA2

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Re: Support for wake up call and need for paradigm shift

Proffesor Felix Konotey-Ahulu is to be very much congratulated for collecting so much information from the African continent on the AIDS epidemic. I can corroborate the information he gathered from his trip to my home country Uganda. Inspite of, or rather because of, the huge and unprecidented success I had, in the management of AIDS patients using my nutritional supplements, attacks were made on my life. (Konotey Ahulu reference number 31). The success of my treatment judged by the improvement of the quality of life of the majority of the patients who received the mariandina nutritional immune booster was considered too much of a threat by competitors in the field.

On one ocassion when I went to the blood bank situated on Nakasero hill in Kampala,Uganda ,to acquire some blood for my patients, I casually inquired as to whether the blood was routinely screened for HIV. To my utter amazement, I was told by the doctor in charge, that according to their guide lines, the procedure was not considered necessary because blood transfusion was not a significant way of HIV transmission in Africa.

Two years ago, one student in Oxford who had used a popular brand condoms consistently without fail ,subsequently developed HIV/AIDS. In desperation he sued the National Health Service for damages. The National Health Service won the case because the defence lawyer demanded to see a sample of the condoms the student claimed to have been using. On seeing them, the lawyers pointed out that on the label was written: “For Export only.”

When asked what he thought was the reason why children of 7-9 years of age in Zambia were , of late, being found HIV positive in growing numbers .An NGO official replied without hesitation: “ African children become sexually active from as early as 6-7 years of age.”

Corroborating the fears of a Ugandan mother mentionioned in Professor Konotey Ahulu's account about a child becoming HIV positve after vaccination, I myself observed a similar phenomenon in eight children who had recently been vaccinated but whose parents were HIV negative. The suspicions and fears that Proffesor Konotey-Ahulu mentioned are very real.

Competing interests:   I am the researcher and formulater of the mariandina nutritional immune boosting supplement that has been found valuable in the management of HIV/AIDS.