Okay, provide the references 4 April 2003
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David Rasnick,
Chief Science Officer, Boveran, Inc.
San Ramon, CA 94583

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Re: Okay, provide the references

Dear Editor,

Peter Flegg says that, "What I [Flegg] have done is to point out that HIV is more efficiently transmitted in the acute phase of primary infection than it is subsequently. There is plenty of data verifying this, both epidemiologically and biologically, and if [Rasnick] wants references I will be glad to provide these."

Okay, Peter Flegg, please provide the references that prove that HIV is sexually transmitted--efficiently or even inefficiently. If Flegg thinks that the Padian et al. study provided that proof, could he specifically point out where in that paper the evidence for sexual transmission of HIV is to be found?

While you’re at it, please provide the references I asked for:

1) What are the names of the individuals who are documented to have shown how HIV causes AIDS?

2) Failing that, what are the names of the people who have shown that HIV even causes AIDS, regardless of mechanism?

Please, just list the first individuals, along with their potentially Nobel prize-wining publications.

David Rasnick

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