Clarification of the basic issues in relation to the HIV theory of AIDS 1 April 2003
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Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos,
Department of Medical Physics, Royal Perth Hospital, Western Australia,
Valendar F Turner, John Papadimitriou, David Causer, Barry Page, Helman Alfonso

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Re: Clarification of the basic issues in relation to the HIV theory of AIDS

Let us clarify the basic issues concerning the HIV theory of AIDS

It is not necessarily a problem that perhaps Tony Floyd or anybody else including scientists such as immunologists and retrovirologists may lack knowledge regarding the two basic issues of the HIV theory of AIDS. However, it becomes a problem when such individuals spare no effort to promote the HIV theory of AIDS. The relevant references are readily available to all including medical students with their young and sharp minds.

As far as the Padian study is concerned, it is irrelevant whether there are 7 reasons or more (we note that Peter Flegg gives 2 more reasons in his rapid response “More reasons for low heterosexual transmission in the Padian study”, 30th March 2003) “why the Padian paper doesn’t disprove heterosexual transmission of HIV.” For heterosexual transmission of HIV to be accepted proof must exist, provided by either Padian or anybody else, that this takes indeed place. Would Tony Floyd have us believe that Martians exist because nobody has proven they don’t?

We are glad Tony Floyd agrees with us that “anal intercourse is a severely underestimated mode of HIV transmission". If he puts some effort into reading some of the references we have provided in our first rapid response “HIV in Africa” (13th March 2003), he will come to the conclusion that all the presently available data prove it is only passive anal intercourse which is the risk factor for the acquisition of a positive antibody test. In other words, a positive “HIV” antibody test like pregnancy can be sexually acquired but cannot be sexually transmitted.

So again we ask, “Is there proof for heterosexual transmission of HIV?” and where is there proof of the specificity of the antibody tests?

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