So, where is the evidence? 1 April 2003
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David Rasnick,
Chief Science Officer, Boveran, Inc.
San Ramon, CA 94583

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Re: So, where is the evidence?

Dear Editor,

In trying to explain the Padian et al. inability to detect HIV negative individuals becoming HIV positive after years of unprotected sexual intercourse with HIV positive partners, Peter Flegg says that, "If an HIV seronegative individual is going to acquire HIV heterosexually, it is far more likely to happen within the few weeks after their partner has caught HIV themselves." Perhaps. But, where is the evidence published in the scientific, medical literature that HIV is indeed sexually transmitted, whether early or late in infection? Flegg seems to agree that the Padian et al. study [1] does not provide that proof. So, where is it to be found?

In addition, if one accepts Flegg’s argument, then it raises a serious problem for the contagious/HIV hypothesis of AIDS. If, as Flegg says, after a short time following infection an HIV positive individual eventually fights off HIV and is thus unable to spread the infection, then by definition that individual has become immunized against HIV. That is precisely what having antibodies to HIV signifies. That is also why it is impossible to measure an infectious titer in HIV positive individuals. In other words, HIV behaves exactly like any other virus in that it rapidly produces an strong immune response and is very quickly eliminated in healthy people without a trace of infectious virus.

So, Flegg has unwittingly raised yet another serious problem--how does HIV cause AIDS if it is so rapidly and efficiently eliminated by the immune system? This compels me to ask Flegg, what are the names of the individuals who are documented to have shown how HIV causes AIDS? Failing that, what are the names of the people who have shown that HIV even causes AIDS, regardless of mechanism?

When I have asked this question in the past, the usual response is that there are too many names to list. So, please just list the first individuals, along with their potentially Nobel prize-wining publications.

David Rasnick

1. Padian, N. S., et al. (1997) Heterosexual transmission of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in northern California: results from a ten-year study, Am J Epidemiol 146, 350-357

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