AIDS in South Africa:The Third Dimension 3 March 2003
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Harold D. Foster,
Professor,University of Victoria,Victoria,B.C.,Canada
Departnent of Geography,University of Victoria,P O Box 3050,Victoria,B. C.,Canada.V8W 3P5

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Re: AIDS in South Africa:The Third Dimension

The saddest aspect of the controversy between Dr Peter Duesberg and his supporters and those who insist that HIV alone causes AIDS is that it is so easy to show that both sides of the debate are in error.In 1983,Cuba started to test its population for HIV.Since 1986,all those found positive have been quarantined.Some will view this as a major assault on personal freedom, but it has been an exceptionally effective strategy in preventing the spread of AIDS.AIDS is now roughly twelve times as common in neighbouring Jamaica as in Cuba.Indeed,Cuba has some of the lowest prevalence rates for HIV-1 infection and AIDS on the planet.If,as Duesberg and supporters claim,HIV-1 plays no role in AIDS,why is this the case?

Conversely,after twenty years of multibillion dollar scientific research, supporters of the "HIV alone causes AIDS" hypothesis have provided us with a "treatment cocktail" which relies strongly on AZT,a highly carcinogenic drug, and a vaccine that does not work.As a result global HIV-positive rates continue to increase exponentionally,on target for Hasteltine's prediction of one billion infections by 2015.

In 1990, Dr Luc Montagnier,(who had headed the team that first discovered HIV),published a short paper that showed beyond doubt that HIV alone could not cause AIDS.Montagnier demonstrated that although cultured cells infected with HIV died rapidly,if given the antibiotic tetracycline,they flourished.Since antibiotics do not kill viruses,Montagnier concluded that HIV must require at least one co-factor to cause AIDS.He has been looking for this cofactor ever since.

HIV-1 is a virus that encodes for glutathione peroxidase,part of a group that includes the Hepatitis B and C viruses and the Coxsackie B virus.Field trials with all the other members of this group have shown that adding selenium to diet greatly reduces infection rates.The geographical diffusion of HIV/AIDS, in both Africa and the USA,clearly shows that HIV has major problems infecting those who are not selenium deficient.Anything that causes a selenium deficiency,(from low soil levels through acid rain to infection by other pathogens that encode for a selenoenzyme)will make a population more prone to HIV-1 infection. Adding selenium to diet in Southern Africa and elsewhere would greatly slow the diffusion of HIV-1.Anyone needing more information can download a free copy of "What really causes AIDS" at

Competing interests:   I have a U.S. patent pending on a nutritional treatment for the reversal of AIDS and have published a book "What really causes AIDS" on the topic.