The invisible epidemic and the AZT intoxication 2 March 2003
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Claus Köhnlein,
M:D:internal Med.
Germany, 24103 Kiel, Königsweg 14

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Re: The invisible epidemic and the AZT intoxication

Thabo Mbeki had probably a similiar approach when doubting the AIDS- epidemic in his country like me. The epidemic is clinically indeed invisible, because none of the 28 AIDS- defining conditions are new. The "epidemic" only becomes visible if you introduce HIV-Tests in a country. So it is nothing more than a "testepidemic". If you rule out the HIV-tests the "Testepidemic " would disappear and you would see again people suffering from tuberculosis, malaria and lepra and the many more infectious diseases which are still common in the third world.

This burden of diseases is related to poverty. We had these problems of poverty after the world wars in our country. It is textbookknowledge that starvation is the cause of pneumocystis pneumonia(Harrisons,Principles of Internal Medicine)It is also well established that immunosuppressive drugs cause PCP. Unfortunately we chose an immunosuppressive drug, namely AZT as a treatment for an AIDS. The journal Science headlined:"Bone marrow suppression hampers AZT use in AIDS victims".

But what does that mean? It means that treatment of the disease itself gives rise for the bleak prognosis for the disease. This is dokumented in the"Darby Study" that was published in Nature in 1995. Darby showed that the mortality of HIV- pos. hemophiliacs rose tremendously after the widespread introduction of AZT in 1987, but related the rise in mortality to HIV and not AZT- thats the controversy!

This controversy could be easily resolved through a simple animal model: feed the HIV infected chimps who are still healthy with 1500 mg of AZT- the dosis the HIV-pos. hemophiliacs had to swallow and look what happens. I would predict AIDS-defining conditions like wasting and loss of CD4 cells within one or two years.

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