Mbeki's AIDS Panel still active 28 February 2003
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David Rasnick,
Chief Science Officer, Boveran, Inc.
San Ramon, CA 94583

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Re: Mbeki's AIDS Panel still active

Dear Editor,

Didier Fassin and Helen Schneider say that in "April 2002...Mbeki formally distanced himself from the AIDS 'dissidents'". I have read reports in the newspapers making such wishful claims, but none has been confirmed by the South African government, certainly not by the president. I am a member of Thabo Mbeki's AIDS Advisory Panel, which is still in existence. None of us on his AIDS Panel was informed that Mbeki no longer has need of our services. His government continues to call upon us for advice and assistance. What evidence do Fassin and Schneider have that Mbeki formally or otherwise has distanced himself from the AIDS dissidents? Can they cite their sources of this information?

David Rasnick, PhD

AIDS dissident and still a Member of the Presidentís AIDS Advisory Panel

Competing interests:   Member of President Mbeki's AIDS Advisory Panel