Re: Mbeki's AIDS Panel still active 8 April 2005
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Nassim C Kamdar,
Family Practitioner
4092 Durban South Africa

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Re: Re: Mbeki's AIDS Panel still active

Dear Editor,

I think it is high time to review the term "aids dissidents" which puts one in the inadvertintly similar position as the "insurgents" in Iraq; A negative concept that automatically creates in the mind of those with a herd mentality an emotional detachment from anything associated with the "dissidents"; and artificially compartmentalises researchers in this field.

The Pocket Oxford Dictionary definition: disagreeing, especially with the established government system.

Since AIDS "dissidents" are neither "anti- government" nor "anti- anything"can we, at least, avoid using the term in our own discussions.

To get the ball rolling , "AIDS-theory analysts" which recognises a common effort towards a common goal.

NC Kamdar

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