Reply to Bennett: HHV-8 does not cause KS 31 March 2005
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Alexander H Russell,

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Re: Reply to Bennett: HHV-8 does not cause KS

Nicholas Bennett strangely stated: "The KS association with gays in the early part of the epidemic is to me easily explained by the co- epidemic of HHV8 infection in that sexually-distinct group."

The fact that it is in a "distinct group" means that it cannot be caused by an infectious agent. An infectious agent cannot be restricted to a specific group of people. Perhaps Bennett may recall in the early days of 'AIDS' it was predicted that bi-sexual males would transmit the supposed causative agent of 'AIDS' to the heterosexual community acting as a bridging group. Had Bennett's theories concerning HHV-8 been true then they would have also conveyed HHV-8 (and KS) into the heterosexual community if this has been the case then where are the heterosexual examples of KS in the West or even Thailand? It may be of interest to Bennett that the only recorded example of an haemophiliac developing KS occurred it a haemophiliac who was homosexual and addicted to amyl nitrites (poppers). Would Bennett care to explain this?

You cannot have a herpes virus restricted to a specific group of people. Homosexuals use amyl nitrites (poppers) far more often than heterosexuals and I would like to remind Bennett that all the original 'AIDS' cases in the United States were homosexuals with KS and all were addicted to amyl and butyl nitrites. Bennett seems to have a blind spot regarding amyl nitrites being a major contributory factor in causing KS. All the homosexuals I knew with KS invariably admitted that they were heavy users of amyl and butyl nitrite inhalents. A mere coincidence? It is not politically correct to state that amyl nitrite causes KS. Poppers make huge profits.

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