Re: Re: Yet More on Oxidation – the primary cause for AIDS and “HIV” 29 March 2005
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James J Whitehead,
Researcher,Getting Better
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Re: Re: Re: Yet More on Oxidation – the primary cause for AIDS and “HIV”

Dear Nicholas Bennett,

In Reply to :

"Fundamentally, the CD4 count is a measure of how far the train is from the end of the tracks (AIDS) and the viral load is a measure of how fast the train is travelling. "

KS the original signal disease of "aids" has got nothing to do with CD4.

And the largest and longest AZT monotherapy trial showed:

"AZT ran into more serious difficulties with the European Concorde trial, which showed (and continues to show) no clinical benefit from the use of the drug but increased mortality in a group taking AZT early after an "HIV" diagnosis. Panorama interviewed the members of the British Medical Research Council involved in the Concorde trial and learnt of the problems they experienced with the company."

"At the start of the trial, the MRC team revealed, the company had wanted to use CD4 cell counts as an indicator of the drug's success. The team refused to allow this, suspecting that CD4 counts could be raised by the action of the drug without offering any health benefits. "We were worried that the CD4 count might be a cosmetic measure," Concorde's U.K. Chairman Prof. David Warrell explained. This turned out to be correct. In the latest analyses of the Concorde data, raised CD4 cell counts are found in the group, with higher mortality, starting AZT early. " (1) Please also note that I was present and witnessed and filmed the emergency "fixed" meeting at Glaxo Wellcome's head offices in Euston Road London where Glaxo Wellcome's tried to muddy the waters about the UK MRC Concorde trial results.

Also as Eleni and the Perth group presented several studies showing that AZT given to hiv negatives causes a very significant increase in CD4, nothing to do with there non existant "viral-loads". IE.

"We and others (Rapid Responses for Mhlongo and Maduna have presented evidence that the increase in T4 cells by antiretrovirals, if any, may be due to a mechanism unrelated to any “HIV” effects. If the increase in T4 cells in “HIV” infected individuals is due to an effect on HIV replication then how does Nicholas Bennett explain the increase of T4 cells by AZT in non-infected individuals? Which may approach double over pre-treatment levels? See

1. Levy JA, Ramachadran B, Barker E, Guthrie J, Elbeik T. Plasma viral load, CD4+ cell count and HIV-1 production by cells. Science 1996;271:670-671.

2. Milazzo L, Vaira LM, Cremoni L. CD4+ lymphocyte count variations in HIV-negative subjects treated with zidovudine. AIDS 1996;10:1444-5. "

And again can I refer Nicholas to the study everyone in science and medicine chooses to ignore that I presented in my rapid responce.(“Re: Re: More on Oxidation – the primary cause for AIDS and “HIV”, 7 February 2005). The study that shows 100% to 200% increases in CD4 with no change in "viral-load" or even with an increase in "viral-load".

""Taken together, our data suggest that long-term L-carnitine administration may have a substantial impact on the chief immunologic abnormality associated with HIV-1 infection, the loss of CD4 T cells, through downmodulating the generation of ceramide and reducing the rate of apoptotic lymphocyte death, without affecting the HIV-1 viremia levels, thus suggesting that a dissociation exists between changes in viremia and CD4 depletion." (2)

In reply to:

"Now that the Montagnier graph has been fixed, it appears that the interpretation has also been "fixed".

The graph was not fixed nor was the interepretation. Again I filmed and photographed the Conference and paid particular attention to Prof Luc Montaigniers speech and graphs. The graph shown is exactley how it appears in an EEC produced book. There are other graphs which I hope to present at a later date which neatley also demonstrate that a disassociation between CD4 and "viral-load" can and does exist when ARV therapy is not being used.

In reply to:

"Do they accept the National Cancer Institute's statement that Kaposi's Sarcoma is massively increased in frequency in immunosuppressed people?”"

When "aids" first came out in the early 1980's approx 30% to 40% of "aids" cases presented with Kaposi Sarcoma (please note 97% to 100% of the "aids" Kaposi Sarcoma cases occured in gay men not other "aids" risk groups, best not to lump all the KS cases together under "aids" because that neatley distorts the true picture that "aids" KS in the west is a specific disease of gay men and is there for it is very misleading to lump all the "aids" KS cases together without stating all the cases or nearly all the "aids" KS cases are in gay men and not other "aids" risk groups.

The studies I have already presented about KS, show that there is only a minute 0.2% incidence of KS in Thailand despite an "aids" epidemic (one presumes they are immunosuppressed) and despite a high back ground of HHV-8. We are also told that KS decined because of the introduction of HAART , however the sharp decline in KS cases started 10 years before HAART came out and in Thailand HAART is not available.

Your reply to the Thailand and italian studies I presented was "well that not what we see here in the US".

Well with all due respect that answer is not in anyway convincing to me nor should it be to any scientist or doctor. Also we are told iatrogenic KS occurs more frequentley in Saudi Arabia and Turkey in transplant recipients due to the higher seroprevelance of HHV-8. However the numerouse studies I have presented already show that this is not the case with 50% of the control group in Italy having HHV-8 and 26 % of texas school children having HHV-8. I am astounded that any scientist or doctor thinks that KS is caused by low CD4, when all the available eveidence shows that low CD4 is neither sufficient to cause KS nor is a low CD4 required for KS to occur. IE. KS can occur in people with perfectley normal CD4. So the original signal disease of "aids" is not caused by Immune Defiency, there for it is not "aids".

Best Wishes

James J Whitehead

Clinical Trials volunteer

Member and

References 1.BBC ("Panorama") Expose on AZT/Wellcome

BBC Panorama Documentary Programme "A Ray of Hope", 40 mins.

2.Blood, Vol. 91 No. 10 (May 15), 1998: pp. 3817-3824. Effect of L- Carnitine on Human Immunodeficiency Virus-1 Infection-Associated Apoptosis: A Pilot Study. By Sonia Moretti, Edoardo Alesse, Luisa Di Marzio, Francesca Zazzeroni, Barbara Ruggeri, Sonia Marcellini, Giuseppe Famularo, Seth M. Steinberg, Antonio Boschini, M. Grazia Cifone, and Claudio De Simone .

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